January 29, 2013

just a quickie.

i know that i am very behind on the blogging.  reason being that i finally decided that i would make a jared/beckie blog. but i cannot do this without a title. and i have yet to think of one worthy of our wonderful life. i mean being a walker has it's perks, but the fact that there are millions of "walkers" is not one of them.  
but today i just wanted to say that my husband is the best. for me at least. but maybe of all the land. 
beckie has really bad pms and is craving all junk food.  so after i got off of work, i went to the bakery and got a doughnut. i then drove to jared's work to pick him up, but it usually takes him 5-10 mins to actually come down to the car.  so i sat in the car and ate my wonderfully stale (leftover morning pastries. yum?) ooey gooey frosted doughnut.  but then jared texted me and said that he was on his way down.  i didn't want him to know that i had just eaten an enormous doughnut so i shoved it in my mouth as fast as i could.  well, he made it to the car and gave me a kiss, when he pulled away, he had chocolate frosting all over his lips. because apparently i had chocolate frosting all over my lips. and then i shamefully admitted that i ate the whole thing in record timing and he said
"because you didn't want me to know or because you didn't want to share?"
he just knows me so well.

the other day when we were bored he said 
"hey did you see this game on pinterest??" 
(no i hadn't.. he had been perusing the pinterest behind my back).  next thing, he went to work making a ski ball game in our hallway with golf balls and masking tape. but he made it smaller because he said that he didn't want to use my expensive tape. (it was really craft tape).
when i need some time to myself, he graciously leaves me alone and leaves to play zelda. 
he always wins longest train in ticket to ride.
he sneaks snacks with me at church. and everywhere else.
he makes me laugh every single day.  
he lets me eat 2 in n' out burgers at a time. he has awesome dance moves.
he is super smart and works really hard.
for some reason when we go do a session at the temple and i see him sitting across the room, i just think that he is the cutest guy in the whole world and it reminds of how happy i am to be eternally married to my silly and wonderful guy. 
even though he smells like a boy sometimes, loves the red sox, always leaves the bathroom light on, and checks fantasy football at church. i just really like him anyway for so many many reasons.


Olivia said...

beckie, i love reading your blog. you're cute.

Hillary Lou said...

I can just imagine you stuffing your face and then saying "what?" with mouth still full of food.

No calorie left behind.