December 10, 2012

life in reverse...

last christmas i posted about the anomaly of traditions that i have grown up with during the christmas season. i have always loved them.  i like being germasian. but this year, i get to experience some of the traditions that i have always heard about.

1. a real christmas tree. i was so excited. nervous because i heard it was messy and i hate messes.  excited because i like the smell. 
story time:
we scheduled tree time for wednesday. i was SO excited, all day. i was totally restless the entire workday because i knew that i would be going to my first tree lot and getting a real christmas tree.  we got home from work and changed and i kept sneaking into the bathroom because i wanted to get cute for all the pictures of me with my new tree, new husband, new traditions, etc.  good tree lots are limited here in los angeles, but a friend in the ward told me that she had gone to the home depot.  as we all know, home depot is one of my favorite places on the planet, so i was fine with that.  we got there and i was like a little kid. bouncing around, wide eyed and excited. and i saw one that i really liked and my voice got high pitched and i was totally annoying. but then we actually went into the tree lot...and lets just say, i was WAY too excited about nothing. i was so sad. the trees were wrapped! you are just supposed to guess which one will be good?! no thanks. so we left. and then i remembered that i had seen the cutest little tree lot in santa monica, but i couldn't quite remember where it was. so we drove down there but we didn't find it.  at that point my chin started to tremble and the alligator tears spilled out (those are the kind that make husbands feel really really bad. but that wasn't why, i really was sad). it was getting really late so we had to get home, treeless. i walked in with our ornaments, boxes of lights, puffy eyes and continued to hate christmas. luckily, while we were at the HD, we found these awesome lamps for $10... and so we built those.  AND learned how to use our light switch with the outlets! suddenly 40% of my christmas bitterness was gone and the rest dissolved when jared did a dance for me in the wrapping...  (i get over things quickly. oh and earlier in the week we had gotten free movie tickets! christmas time brings good deals...)
so yes. there is my sad little story. no tree. no cute lot. i hate normal people's normal traditions.
until saturday when we went out and actually got a tree.
we just went back to the home depot and picked one out. i named him piney and he is just what we needed. we shoved him in the back of ace and drove back to the apartment and i was just as excited again. 
as you can see from the pictures, we don't have a star yet and we ran out of lights... jared has a very particular (awesome) way of stringing lights, but the method requires a bagillion of them. and you can also see that i did not get cute for my "first tree" pictures. but that's ok, i was still happy. earlier in the year my parents had sent all of ornaments from my childhood to me. so we have a little bit of a start. i wanted to string popcorn and cranberries but apparently that is too archaic of an idea around here because no one sells whole cranberries. i went with pine cones instead. 

jared was recently called to be the ward scout master (he slept with bears this weekend) and so it is only right that we get a real tree. if it wasn't illegal, i am sure he would have chopped one down himself. 

2. christmas morning. since we will be in vegas for christmas day, i get to wake up, wear my christmas pajamas downstairs, give and get presents, and eat a christmasy breakfast.  i don't care how old i am, i have never done this... and i am really excited. 

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Hello, I just found your blog and I love this post...Its fun to meet new bloggers and to see the different styles...hope you come visit me too..