December 10, 2012

last month and a half.

personally, i feel that blog posts are the best when they have pictures (i tend to think that almost everything in life is better with pictures). it seems repetitive to put my pictures on instagram and then the same ol photos here on the blog.  but for the sake of those 2 people that do not have smart phones and who do read this, i will update you a little.
in november, i had a birthday.
we ordered thai food and i got a WHOLE cheesecake from the cheesecake factory.  seeing as how i love cheesecake but my body does not love lactose, it was a dangerous situation.  the other half of my birthday treat was that i was allowed to eat as much cheesecake as i wanted and that i could whine when my tummy hurt later and jared couldn't say "i told you this would happen..." (like every other time).  

i picked out all of my own presents, which was totally fine with me.  the oxblood skinny jeans= FAVORITE. it is embarrassing how often i find the need to wear them. the kiddos sent handmade cards, they called to chat and my in laws called to sing to me.  jared's family gave some fantastic kitchen stuff from pampered chef to me as well. overall, it was a low key, well dressed, well fed birthday.

the past two months have been especially busy, as i have been immersed in my new job.  jared and i are now working about 2 blocks away from each other. i work in the fox plaza (left) and he works in the century towers (right). luckily my job pays for my monthly parking ($300+ a month!) and it has provided more growing and learning experiences than i ever imagined. it is for a very successful, family owned holding company, and they have already incorporated me into some really big and exciting projects.  
the longer we are here in la, the more i like it.  it still is a bit trendy and crowded for me but there are some pretty great aspects too. we see our buildings in movies all the time.  below is a picture of our little big city at night.  it really does look pretty cool at night.  
by the end of the week, we are pretty tired.  this is our life monday thru friday:
5:15 AM: wake up
6 AM: take jared to work
8 AM: beckie to work
5:30 PM: leave work
6 PM: get home
and by then, we are mentally exhausted. i really need to get back on a regular grocery shopping schedule and start cooking again...we had cheetos for dinner the other night. it's embarrassing (but cute when we have a contest to see who can go longer without licking their fingers...or gross, whatever.). but not all of my domestic skills have fallen by the wayside.  want to see some of my crafts?
i have always really liked embroidery and i always see decor that is rather plain, but then they embroider something little on it and suddenly it's worth $150 at anthropologie (by the way, jared LOVES anthropologie... how lucky am i?!).  however, since i don't have an extra $150 sitting around, i opted to spend $15 at joanns for supplies and have been teaching myself. yes, i look like an old lady, but it is much more fun and relaxing than i expected. i haven't sworn once. and i have cute throw pillows.

i don't know if  i am just lazy, have been too spoiled in the past or just clueless, but i am having a hard time getting everything ready for christmas.  and the fact that it is 75 degrees outside and there were palm trees in the parking lot where we got our christmas tree, is not helping. but this year is especially noteworthy because it is the first time that i have ever had a real tree. another post on that to come..
what do you think of our bubble lights? totally old school and completely mismatching of anything else that we have up, but they are cool. they bubble. they light up. what's not to love. they are jared's favorite, so on the fireplace they go.
ps...we've been married for over 6 months. that's cool.

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