October 31, 2012

i don't even like the color orange.

Happy Halloween!

(best part of this holiday means that thanksgiving is only a month away. i love thanksgiving.)

last saturday j and i went to our ward trunk or treat party.  us, being new to the area, thought "it's LA. people are going to go all out for this holiday".  oh how wrong we were.  we (and one other couple, also just moved here) arrived to see all of the kids in costume and 90% of the adults just in their regular street clothes.  cool guys. those jokesters. deskpop. what can i say? just because we are married doesn't mean we are boring... but then again, we don't have 3+ kids to worry about dressing up and overdosing on sugar. so instead, we will hold on to our own youth.
 it was fun to spend time with ward members, see all the kids in their costumes and be done by 7:30!
earlier that afternoon, we had gone with some friends to the pumpkin patch.  and by pumpkin patch, i mean a parking lot with some hay and a few already cleaned pumpkins with couple stations for kids, oh and two goats.  i was sad.  i was expecting rombach's farms kind of pumpkin patch.  acres upon acres of pumpkins and fun things to do.  when you go pick out your pumpkin, it is supposed to be chilly and so you drink hot cider or hot cocoa.  in LA it was 92 degrees and people had snow cones.  i just don't understand this state.  but we did leave with some cute little pumpkins and gourds to decorate our baby house for the season.
(lovely midwest pumpkin farm, vs celeb filled parking lot with tiny pumpkins. fail, california.)

on monday we did a craft for fhe.  i had seen on pinterest that if you buy ceramic dishes, you can write on them with sharpies and bake them, and it will stay.  so i figured we would give it a go.  i went to the dollar store and got a couple plates and then to staples and bought several sharpies.  
(we have so few pictures of ourselves and i don't like our wedding pictures, so we are making a conscious effort to take more together.)

it turned into a fun evening for the two of us and we came up with some good christmas present ideas.  we listened to some tunes, i drew, jared dotted, we ate treats, we read scriptures, we kissed, we laughed.  we're pretty much a golden couple... which explains why we have made soooo many friends here...
while i have been interviewing for a job, work has been interesting for j.  with the horrible storms back east, the stock market closed and it's a little hard to do his job without the markets. i guess that Sandy is a good reason to have food storage and 72 hour kits.  it is so sad to see what they are all going through. and it will be interesting to see how this all effects the election next week. 
last night i made butternut squash lasagna and grilled chicken- it tasted like fall.  today i may just have to get those pillsbury pumpkin cookies.
(oh you know the ones. disgusting but fantastic.)

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Oriens said...

I love, love your costumes! And I may copy your plate idea...