August 16, 2012

first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...bills.

the funniest thing is happening. i am sitting at our (new!) kitchen table to write this post but my palms are sweating and i have this anxious feeling in my stomach. we all have some of those friends- the ones that we call our best friends and in all reality, they are.  but for whatever reason, sometimes you go shamefully extended periods of time without communicating? and then you finally make plans to see each other and before you get there you feel yourself battling apprehension and the temptation to cancel.

but then, as with all best friends, you see each other, you hug, you notice hair, new babies, weight, new boyfriends, make some sort of comment and then you sit down and start talking and within minutes it is as if you were never apart.

seeing as how this is my blog and the only people that read it are generally using it as the sole purpose of seeing what's going on in my life (not that it is that interesting or that i am that bad at calling people...), you wouldn't think that i would find myself in this state of typing trepidation. but what can i say...this is me we're talking about. 

well with all of that being said...hi. 
it's been about 3 months since i last posted anything.  ironically, i was too busy doing things that would  actually be post worthy. instead of being overwhelmed with going over all the details, i will just say a little about what happened.
1. parents fueled my paypal account for more expenses than i ever knew possible, moved in with my best friend, spent time with baby, little squister came to ut, best friend hosted the bridal shower, got some sweet gifts, made awesome treats.
i also went to vegas where my mother and sister in laws threw a bridal shower for me.  that was a bit intimidating but it ended up being very fun. plus it was the first time i saw jared in over 3 weeks.
2. we had a nice intimate dinner the night before the wedding.  it turned out really well.  it was one of the most stressful days of my life and i was pretty much hating everyone and everything but in the end, it really did turn out quite well.  we had a lot of wonderful friends come to wish us luck and i got to experience the true "working walkers" in action, as i saw them all come together and pull this whole night together in a matter of hours.  the weather was perfect, dallan and susie are rockstars for (a lot of reasons) letting us use their beautiful yard for the dinner.
3. then on saturday, june 2, we got married.  in the draper, ut temple.  people always ask if either jared or myself hail from draper but the truth is we picked it because it was less busy, pretty, (no ex's had been married there...jk jk.) and it was a good central location for our family and friends to meet up.
the sealing was beautiful. i was sweating and nauseous the whole time, but oh so happy.  seeing family and friends in the temple and holding hands with jared as we were made husband and wife, was one of the best moments of my life.
the temple was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, all of the kids looked swell in their outfits and our photographer was amazing.  we are so glad that we worked with val and are excited to get the real pictures back.

4. right after the sealing, the family and a couple of our closest friends went to a nice dinner at cucina toscana.  thank you to my parents for hosting that and providing some last hours of family time before the end of the big day (shane, scott, zac, spud and katie, we miss you so much we can hardly move on with life).
5. then we went on a honeymoon. we stayed in the grand america hotel and then the next day we spent 8 hours in airports (no was awful).  the next 4 days were in san francisco.  we stayed in this amazing  hotel right off the bay. we went sightseeing, ate cool food, went to a baseball game and kissed and stuff. we drove to carmel and walked on the beach (it was super busy and cold. boo.). overall it was a great few days together before getting back to the chaos. 

and somehow we managed to only take one picture of us together.

6. post honeymoon we went back to vegas to hang out for a couple days and for the open house at jared's parents' home.  it's fun going there now- they (i guess it's "we" now) have a huge family and they get together a lot.  so we got some pool time, play time with the kiddos, and our first family photos.   christy cropper took all of the family pictures and pictures from the open house, she is pretty much amazing.  it is fun talking to the other women in the family about the lovely quirkiness of the walker men and married life in general. 
oh and while i was there, i was also introduced to harry potter. i had never heard of it before! ok just kidding, i had just misjudged it as being far too boring and fictional for my taste. wrong. 

um how can you not love these kids?
7. and then the working walkers packed up all of our things and moved us to los angeles. driving from LV to LA in sally with no ac est no bueno.  but it was a great...experience...
with dave, peggy, kimber with boys in tow and sally stuffed to the gills, we all made it.  we were able to get moved in with no problems and very quickly.  
8. and now we are in california. 
next post, the californian life.

jared and i are so lucky to be married to each other and to have such supportive friends and family.  and thanks to the generosity of others, we have been able to be very comfortable in our new apartment.the lord truly has a hand in all things because with a wedding, honeymoon, moving and new job all happening in two weeks, there is no way it could have all worked out so perfectly without his help.

so far i still really like him, he seems to really like me.  i have never felt so happy... i get really lonely being out here by ourselves and with him at work all day, but having a built in best friend that understand me, makes me laugh, is a worthy priesthood holder, spider killer, top shelf reacher, and someone that i can do everything with totally makes up for that.

some of our thank you cards have yet to be sent out...i know, i am embarrassed...i promise, that we are working on that. and that we are truly grateful for everything that has been given to us and for all of the overlooking of my craziness and the time that everyone offered and sacrificed to help us start our lives together.

ah and the post is complete (the degeneration of my sentence structure and vocabulary was getting out of hand, time to take a break).
see, it's like we were never apart.


Oriens said...

You look so happy! I love it! Congrats again and I love seeing pictures of your wedding. Please post more! =)

Scott Christensen said...

what a great post. you guys are my idols. keep it real in LA. I'm seriously making a trip down there in september. See you then!

Janae Walker said...

i am so happy that there is now someone to keep jared in line :) thanks for playing with my kids - they keep asking when aunt beckie is going to come to play again! welcome to the big family craziness :)