May 17, 2012

because everyone loves a southern girl.

this post is dedicated to one of my very very best friends. and believe it or not, this friend is a girl. one of the very few female friends i have but definitely the best. maybe it is because we just finished watching the 2 hour season finale of desperate housewives and i am feeling panicked over the thought of saying goodbye. or...maybe because family members aside, no one deserves sincere gratitude and love than katie.
my kk has been in my life for 6 years now.  she was the first person that i met when i moved to provo. we have been through countless adventures together. from one apartment to the next. from one guy to another. marriages, babies, school, jobs- we have literally done almost everything together.  the one time that we spent apart was horrible and we both admit that we were missed each other so much. i am pretty sure that our mutual stubbornness only makes us the more likely of friends. but trust me, her hugs are not something that you ever want to be without. 
we have had several firsts together. which only adds all the more value to our friendship. including our first trip to california. and when we held hands and walked into the pacific ocean together for the first time. or my first/last energy drink. buying my first big girl bra. my first speeding ticket. my first time charming my way out of a speeding ticket. my first pedicure. my first in n' out burger. just the little things.
from long road trips to one day st. george runs, we have had several car rides together that consist of high caloried drinks, lots of awful music (but she loves it and i can now sing along to every miley cryus song out there) and long talks. 
baseball games. movies. target runs. secret telling. drive ins. best hugs from ever. she even let me yell and cheer in chilis when the cards won the series in '06 (let's just say i was the only baseball fan in the bar so i may or may not have been considered embarrassing).
she was the first (and one of the very few) friends to ever meet and hold baby. she very successfully helped jared with his proposal back in march.  and now it is 2008 all over again and here i am, living with my kk.
katie is one of the most family oriented people i know. she was sad when all of her family started migrating out to utah, afraid that she would never get to go back to the south (did i mention that she is southern!? ask her to say "foil" sometime. i love it.) but since being here, not only have they all been wonderful to me, i have been able to see her become one of the most caring, fun and selfless people i have ever known.
she will do anything for them. 
like that one time when her awesome husband tried to sign up for a half marathon but it was all sold out and he was so bummed so she surprised him by routing out a whole half marathon for him to do anyway. complete with electrolytes, signs and tshirts.

or how her sister, holly, has been battling cancer for the past 6 months (hooray for coming home and finishing her last round of chemo!!) and kk has gone to be there 50+ hours a week to help around the house, watch the kids, clean, cook and just be there for her sister. and she still comes home to listen to me cry and have anxiety attacks over the wedding, in laws, moving, and everything else that i could possibly get bent out of shape over (i am very emotional that is a lot of crap). and even though she has just cleaned up diapers, done laundry, driven all over the place and still has to make dinner- she always listens, gives me a hug and a smile and tells me it will be ok and that i am awesome. 
she doesn't get paid. she gets exhausted. sometimes she has to leave in the middle of the night to help, but she loves it and she never complains. she even tells me how grateful she is that she and spud can afford for her to not work so that she can be there with her sister. she is a hard worker. i have seen her go to school, work two jobs, coupon for hours, and just keep going. rock. star.

she has seen me date a whole slew of men. good, bad and ugly. i am pretty sure that she is happier about my upcoming marriage than anyone else. she never let me take jared out of my phone- no matter how many freak outs i had. she talks to me about marriage, about merging families, finances, sex, grocery shopping, church, and pretty much anything to help ease me into this whole marriage thing.

i have to admit, while i was going through all of our pictures i got pretty emotional. in 2 weeks i will be living with a new permanent roommate. and he won't make macaroni pie for me or sing with the hairbrush or watch pretty little liars or have every freaking cute pink thing you can think of. he probably won't tell me that i am being a cranky biotch and to shut my mouth (lets be honest, i need to hear it sometimes and a real friend like katie isn't afraid to say it). but he will be great. and cuddley. and smart and sweet and mine.
plus, he has already promised that kk and spud can come out and visit :)
i apologize for this poorly written post.  i just wanted to say thank you to katie and spud. they have been my friends for the most important years of my life. we have hugged each other through a lot of loss, pain and plain foolishness. but we have always come out laughing and closer than ever.
you will be hard pressed to find a friend or sister like katie. and to be honest, a lot of you never will. and to be even more honest, besides my new roommate, i never may again either. so i suppose that we will just have to stay best friends forever. that's cool with me.

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