January 31, 2010

names. (super cheesy alert)

With all of the women in my office currently being pregnant, talk of baby names is more common than actual work talk.  So I pulled out my "list" from several years back.  For the first time, I looked up the meanings and I was pleasantly surprised.

For girls I have:

Lucy - Light
Indie- short for independent...as I am sure any girl I raise will be :)
Saige- Wisdom, Wise One
Lily- Innocence, Purity and Beauty

And I would use Rebecca as a middle name, which is my real name and means "Captivating".

For boys I have:

Samuel Jordan - Requested of God
Stuart Michael - Steward

I know that it sounds silly to even be thinking about this now, but I could not help it. It went along with my New Year's Resolution and then when I saw how blessed those names were...it was a sign :)  Seem so pathetic and typical for a girl to be doing something so foolish, but I just wanted to fit in with the group and stake claim on my names before those women snatch em!


grant + brittany said...

well that is good because women DO snatch baby names! it happens every day! boo

Nick and Blaire said...

I'ma snatch your name!! Just kidding... :)

Ty Roney said...

Sage is a great name. My youngest sister's name is Sage!