October 23, 2012

told you i was getting fat...

the cardinals are finished for the season.
if you want to know how seriously cardinals fans take their baseball, feel free to watch this.
i didn't even make it through the entire tragedy of a game. it is especially difficult to watch them get spanked so badly when there is a dramedy of a debate going on. it reminded me that i need to renew my subscription to foreign affairs because i found myself alarmingly uninterested in the content of the debate and much more distracted by tone, body language and how well the moderator was doing.

thanksgiving is less than a month away and i only have about 15% of my christmas shopping completed.  in years past, i have always been practically finished by this point. but i am not very good at surprises... so even if i buy something earlier in the year to save for a christmas gift, i can never wait. and now that i jared and i live together, i know that there is no way i will be able to contain my excitement if i have his presents hidden right here in our house.  

it is looking like we will be spending all of our holidays here in LA.  it's a bummer. being the new guy, means that jared gets to work the holiday weeks. we still have to conquer halloween and thanksgiving before christmas, of course.  our halloween costumes are coming together famously. we are both pretty excited about it.  and we have the good candy to hand out to the trick or treaters.  we don't want to be those people that give out the single tootsie roll or those old, sticky grandma candies. gross.  if you're gonna rot your teeth out, do it with the good stuff. now we just have to convince the inlaws to come to LA for thanksgiving (that includes christy).

 i am still excited to decorate for fall and for christmas.  and this year, we are getting a REAL tree. i have never had a real tree in my whole life.  on saturday i get to go pick out my own pumpkin and then a month later i get to pick out my own real tree!!!!  at first i told jared that i didn't want it because i didn't want to deal with the mess, but in reality, i felt like i just found out santa was actually real. 

saturday night, jared returned home from his hunting trip. and i was so happy. luckily bath and body works brought back my favorite fall scent, leaves (soooo perfect.), to combat the lovely smell of the pile of laundry from man week. he came home with a bunch of his pheasant victims. it tastes like chicken. and he loves the whole hunting, gun, man, no shaving, testosterone, truck driving, killing stuff, week. at least it's good to know that if the zombies do come, my husband has stellar aim.

my last post i said that i was exercising more because i was pretty sure that i was getting fat. well....here's a last minute funny:

today i went to the doctor for a physical and flu shot. as per usual, the nurse called me back to take my weight, vitals, etc. gaylord fauker (ok, the male nurse) read aloud,
"ok, so you are 5 foot 3 inches and 107lbs (same size i have been since i was 18).  how many pounds would you like for me to take off?"
confused, i asked what he meant by this question.  he proceeded to tell me that 
1. i was wearing boots and 
2. "this is beverly hills, so i can take off up to 4 pounds, how many would you like?" 
he was completely serious.  i really didn't think that 107 lbs while wearing boots and just after lunch was all that bad.  so instead i asked if he could add 2 inches to my height instead but was denied. 
who are these people?!

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